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Data_Storage_webWith Dexter's extensive history of designing and delivering both permanent and electromagnetic assemblies to customers' exacting requirements, process and manufacturing engineers can rely on Dexter's magnetic solutions for the data storage market to contribute measurably to improved throughput and higher product yields.

In addition, to providing magnets with special coatings for corrosive environments, vacuum applications and ESD sensitive applications, our services include comprehensive magnetic circuit analysis, hermetic encasement, and field mapping of magnetic assemblies. Dexter provides a reliable and robust solution whether for wafer processing, metrology / production testing or media application.

> Wafer Processing
> Initializing Magnets
> Web Alignment
> Annealing Magnets
> Hard Disk Erase Tools
> Sputtering Magnetrons
> HGA Test Magnets
> Electoplating Magnets
> Thin Film Alignment Frames
> Disk Drive Recording Heads
MR, GMR, TJ and M-RAM Devices
Dexter Features:
> High quality magnetic materials
> Permanent or electromagnet
> Special coatings (e.g. ESD)
> High field uniformity
> Minimal dispersion angles
Your Benefits:
> No additional power supply
> No additional circuitry
> Dual axis drive capability
> Robust magnetic assemblies
> Single sourcing expertise