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Security_webDexter provides complete assemblies which improve global security and save lives. Permanent magnet and electromagnet designs are used in a wide array of applications, from railroad crossing barriers to retail theft prevention. Dexter technology is the key component of consumer, commercial and government security systems. Our highly skilled personnel are experienced and qualified to provide robust solutions for optimized security.

> Retail Theft Prevention
> Counterfeit Money
> Explosive Screening
> Window and Door Sensors
> Reed Switch Activation
> Metering of Flow or Controlling Fluid Levels
> Door and Gate Closure Devices - Both
Permanent Magnets and Electromagnets
> Latches - Providing Complete Solutions From
Magnets to Calibrated Assemblies
Dexter Features:
> AS9100C certified
> Component-level traceability
> Flexible manufacturing
> Precision machining capabilities
Your Benefits:
> Engineering and manufacturing reliability
> Full system documentation
> Prototype to production options
> Robust magnetic assemblies