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LifeSep TechnologyLIFESEP® MX Series: Biomagnetic Separators for Well Plates

Dexter continues to be at the forefront of life science magnetic technology with the LIFESEP® MX series of biomagnetic separator trays for microtiter well plates. Below is a listing of our standard offering which is available with customized options including custom imprinting. Click on the image below to be directed to the specific product page.

  Dexter_LifeSep_96P Dexter_LifeSep_96F Dexter_LifeSep_384F
Separator 96P 96F 384F
Part Number 2501005 2501008-1 2501007-1
Well Plate Qty 96 96 384
Height (mm) 29 19 19
Width (mm) 128 128 128
Depth (mm) 85 85 85
Weight (kg) .39 .54 .54
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The above are compatible with most Nunc and Greiner plates.

Force Density - Biomagnetic Separator

Superior magnetic separation

Dexter's LIFESEP® 96P compared to a conventional solution