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Erasers: Bulk


EraseTrack™ Bulk Eraser

Assisting disk producers to accelerate the slow process of servo erasing disk media, we have developed Dexter EraseTrack Bulk Eraser, a patented universal bulk disk eraser.  Dexter EraseTrack can erase 25 disk cassettes faster that servo erasing a single disk.  By combining its increased speed and capacity with a permanent magnet structure that does not require power or maintenance, Dexter EraseTrack provides disk producers with incredible process time savings.


  • No elecricity or maitenance required.
  • No water cooling required.
  • Can be easily integrated into conveyor system for final packaging and distribution.
  • Permanent magnet construction provides no cycle time limitation due to heating or power supply constraints. 
  • Erases multiple disks in a single pass.  Approximately 25 times faster than the servo erase process creating increased throughput. 


  • Designed to erase LMR & PMR disk media.
  • 1 Tesla field (minimum) in erasure plane.
  • Tilting mechanism for angle adjustment. 
  • Designed for 2-stacked longitudinal cassettes or a single cassette PMR. 
  • Cassette opening 5.4 inches in Y-axis, 10 inches in X-asis.
  • Lifting hooks.
  • Field outside box to be lower than 50 gauss, except at the gap opening where it can be close to 80 gauss.
  • Constructed with clean room compatible materials.
  • Warning labels for strong magnetic field.
  • Approximate weight 5,800 pounds.

1 Tesla Unit With Tilt Rack

1.5 Tesla Unit

2 Tesla Unit

Dexter_EraseTrack_1T_Bulk_Eraser Dexter_EraseTrack_1.5T_Bulk Eraser Dexter_EraseTrack_2T_Bulk_Eraser

Although the Bulk Erase tool was designed for the rapid erasure or hard disk media, it can be utilized for any application that requires high magnetic field strengths (up to 2T) over large volumes.  To initiate the magnetic design, a few characteristics must be defined:

  1. How strong of a magnetic field is required?
  2. How large of an opening is required? (width/height or diameter )
  3. How uniform must the magnetic field be?  Over what volume?
  4. How will the unit be incorporated into your system?  Is a stand/frame required?  If so, what type?

These characteristics will help provide an idea of size for the system.  Specific customer integration requirements are incorporated during the mechanical design stage of the process.

Neodymium Iron Boron is used to create our EraseTrack™ designs.

Due to the size and cost of these assemblies, prototypes for these systems are typically handled on a “scaled basis”.  We will take the customer design requirements (field strength, field alignment, gap widths, overall size, etc.) and produce a numerical simulation of the full scale unit.  This process typically requires 1-3 weeks (dependent on the complexity of the design requirements).  Once completed, the design is reviewed with the customer for accuracy and the design of a “scaled” unit can be initiated for validation (if required).  The mechanical design can typically be completed in 2-3 weeks, and the final manufactured prototype 4-6 weeks there after.