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Dexter’s U5000 is a conveyor type degausser. This is an enclosed permanent magnet degausser that is a continuous duty, conveyor belt, type and provides one pass erasure for hard disk drives.Dexter_U5000_Bulk_Degausser_Scale

The U5000 degausser is listed on the National Security Agency’s Degausser Evaluated Products List (DEPL) dated December 04, 2007. The U5000 was found to satisfy the requirements for erasure of magnetic storage devices that retain sensitive or classified data. A commercial production unit of the U5000 degausser was evaluated against NSA/CSS requirements for erasure of sensitive or classified magnetic storage devices.


  • Continous Feed
  • Both Perpendicular and Longitudinal Erasing in One Device
  • Highest Rating Available - 5300 Oe

Fast Cycle Time

The U5000 conveyor system allows operators to degauss one piece of media every two seconds. Organizations with extremely large quantities of media can sanitize the media quickly and easily. The fast cycle time of the U5000 allows you to quickly sanitize your media and minimize the need for additional resources to be added for media sanitization.

System Specifications

Overall dimensions:   8’ (2400mm) x 3’ (900mm) x 4’ (1200mm) (L x W x H) (approximate)
System Weight:  800 lbs (360 kg) (approximate)

Magnetic Section Description

  • Longitudinal dipole minimum field strength 1.05 Tesla.
  • Perpendicular dipole minimum field strength 1.2 Tesla.
  • The magnetic dipoles are shielded and labeled sufficiently for safety.


Magnetic storage devices are defined by the coercivity in units of Oersteds (Oe). Degaussers performance is evaluated and defined by the coercivity of the magnetic storage devices that can be erased. Disk storage devices are defined as any product that contains flexible or rigid disk as the recording medium. The correct use of these degausser products will ensure that classified or sensitive data is no longer retrievable.

Degaussers capable of erasing disk storage devices are broken into two categories: Longitudinal (L) and Perpendicular (P). Longitudinal disk storage devices have been the norm, but since CY2006 perpendicular disk storage devices have been available. Longitudinal and perpendicular disk storage devices will be marketed side by side over the next couple years and then perpendicular disk storage devices will be the norm. Due to the different magnetic fields required to erase each technology, the U5000 incorporates two stages of magnetic erasure planes capable of erasing both longitudinal and perpendicular disk storage devices.


The system is designed to degauss current 3.5” (90mm) and 2.5” (65mm) longitudinal hard drives up to 1.0” (25.4mm) height in addition to perpendicular drives in the same form factor.  The design of the degausser will insure full erasure of the most current magnetic media up to 5300 Oe.

Security Concerns

  •                 Damaging e-mail
  •                 Financial Information
  •                 Personal Information
  •                 Company Confidential Documents
  •                 Crashed or Refurbished drives
  •                 Improper Disposal
  •                 Donated Computers

Typical turn around time from receipt of purchase order is 16-20 weeks.