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Klystrons-Gyrotrons Magnets


Klystrons/Gyrotrons are devices that are used to amplify microwave and radio frequencies.  Our permanent magnet structures allow more compact gyrotron shapes.  We have produced 1.4 Tesla in a permanent magnet tube.

Click on the image to enlarge and see the following pieces labeled:


  • Gun
  • Cavity
  • Collector


We do not make Klystrons/Gyrotrons; we make the magnetic assemblies that enable these devices to operate effectively.  In order to design a magnet assembly, we would need to know the following:

  1. Size of gyrotron
  2. Magnetic field strength
  3. Distances between key regions (Collector/Cavity/Gun)

Neodymium Iron Boron and Samarium Cobalt are often used when large magnetic fields are required.  Ceramic (hard ferrite) is used if cost is more important than large magnetic fields.

  1. What is the largest possible magnetic field?
  1. We have achieved 1.4 Tesla (axial).

The design of a magnet assembly for Klystrons/Gyrotrons is iterative.  It is usually a back and forth process because compromises between magnetic field strength and position need to be made.  A relatively straightforward design can be completed within a week, but more complicated designs can take longer.  Lead times for simple designs can be 6-8 weeks.