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Magnetic Bead Separation

How Does Magnetic Bead Separation Work?


Separators are used to separate magnetic materials, such as magnetic beads, from the non-magnetic medium in a vessel.  The magnetic separator unit pulls the magnetic beads and holds them using magnetic forces allowing the medium to be removed. Dexter's LIFESEP® magnetic separators provide an immediate starting point for performing rapid separations in single tubes/vessels as well as microtitre plates.  Select from one of our patented standard separators or personally work with our  team of design engineers to create a custom separator product to fit your needs.

  • Improve the rate of separation
  • Improve wall retention
  • Reduce cycle time
  • Maximize yield
LifeSep Technology
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Dexter offers standard vessel and tray magnetic bead separation devices and custom solutions.

Offering You Resourceful Solutions

Because we understand that change and innovation are essential to you, our commitment to LifeSep® technology has made us the most comprehensive resource for biotech, life science and pharmaceutical industries in the area of biomagnetic separation and bead processing solutions. That commitment is backed by our position as a world leader in the design and fabrication of permanent magnets and highly specialized magnetic assemblies.

In the most demanding process requirements, from nano-sized particle capture to continuous flow separation, we supply you with the technology, equipment and processes that will lead to increased productivity.

Custom Solutions for Your Unique Challenges

If you are involved in the design of clinical diagnostic equipment or automated high-throughout applications that rely on biomagnetic bead processing for improving productivity in biotechnology and life science research, Dexter Magnetic Technologies will provide you with results.

When working with our engineering group, you might be asked:

  1. Can you use one of our standard designs? If not, what is the vessel size and configuration you are looking for?
  2. What kind of separation time would you like to see?
  3. In case of large vessels, is your preference to use a closed (full circle) design compared to one of our standard LifeSep designs?