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FairRite_LogoDexter is proud to not only be the longest running supplier of Fair-Rite products but also the only reseller with the largest selection of Fair-Rite products for immediate availability to customers.

For over fifty years, Fair-Rite Products Corp. has been the first choice in cost effective ferrite components. Dexter offers a comprehensive Fair-Rite product line that includes a wide range of materials and geometries for EMI Suppression, Power Applications, and RFID Antennas. Both Fair-Rite and Dexter place the highest value on quality, engineering, service, and continual improvement.



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Manufacturer Resources

Fair-Rite Catalog (26MB)   Fair-Rite RoHS Statement
Material Guide   Fair-Rite REACH Statement
PDF sections (link to www.fair-rite.com)   Fair-Rite Deca-BDE Statement
Board Bomponents   Fair-Rite DFARS Statement
   EMI Suppression Beads  
   Beads on Leads  WHITE PAPERS
   PC Beads (Through Hole)  75-material for Low-Frequency EMI Suppression
   Wound Beads  
   Multi-Aperture Cores  
   SM Beads (Differential-Mode)  
   SM Beads (Common Mode)  
   Chip Beads  
   Chip Arrays  
Cable Components  
   Round Cable EMI Suppression Cores  
   Round Cable Snap-Its  
   Flat Cable EMI Suppression Cores  
   Flat Cable Cores Assembly Clips  
   Flat Cable Snap-Its  
   Connector EMI Suppression Plates  
   Miscellaneous Suppression Cores  
Open Magnetic Circuit  
   Antenna RFID Rods  
Open Magnetic Circuit  
   Pot Cores  
   RM Cores  
   PQ Cores  
   E Cores
   EFD Cores  
   Planar Cores
   ETD Cores  
   EER Cores  
   U Cores
   EP Cores