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As the longest running distributor of Magnetics’ products, Dexter has become the leading source for Magnetics' products. Customers have relied on Dexter for more than two decades to provide immediate response to their most urgent requests.

Magnetics Inc. was found founded in 1949. The company is a major supplier of the highest performance materials in the industry including: MPP, High Flux, Kool Mu®, XFlux®, Amoflux®, power ferrites, high permeability ferrites and strip wound cores. Magnetics products set the standard for providing consistent and reliable electrical properties for a comprehensive range of core materials and geometries. All components manufactured by Magnetics are process controlled, from alloying of raw materials to producing finished cores.  Magnetics strives to supply only the highest quality products. All products are manufactured to conform to all electrical, dimensional and visual requirements. Magnetics is an UL-recognized molder in the QMMY2 fabricated parts program.



Product Literature (pdf)


Manufacturer Resources

Ferrite Material Selection Guide   Compliance and Certification Documents
Ferrite Cores Catalog (complete pdf)   Conflict Minerals Declaration
Powder Cores Catalog (complete pdf)   Ferrite Material Selection Guide
XFlux Cores   Design Tool
AmoFlux Bulletin    
Large KoolMu Core Shapes    
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  • RS, DS Cores
  • RM Cores
  • EP Cores
  • PQ Cores
  • E, I Cores
  • EFD Cores
  • ETD Cores
  • EER Cores
  • EC Cores
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  • ER Cores
  • Planar E, I Cores
  • Toroid Cores
  • Components for Powder Core Applications: