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RTI_LogoRTI Electronics, founded in 1972, is a leading manufacturer of passive electronic components including thermistors, film capacitors, magnetic transformers and inductors, and audio power conditioning units. RTI Electronics offers value-added and application specific components as well as custom design of all of its products to meet your needs. 

RTI Electronics acquired its magnetic transformer and inductor business in 2005 from Amecon Magnetics, and it also acquired Running Springs Audio in 2007, which offers state-of-the-art audio power conditioning units. RTI Electronics is now a part of API Technologies Corp.

Dexter carries the industry's most extensive RTI Electronic product offering and can deliver most products to you in 24 hours in prototype to production quantities.

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Manufacturer Resources

Complete PTC Thermistor Catalog (2010)
(2 MB)
  For RoHS/REACH documentation, please contact us.
Complete NTC Thermistor Catalog (2010)
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