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TDK was established in 1935 as the world's first company to commercialize a magnetic material called ferrite. In the ensuing years, TDK has conducted research and development programs in ferrite and a variety of other electronic materials and components. This drive was based on the company's founding spirit of "contribute to cultrue and industry through creativity." Today, they continue to deliver innovative products that are tuned precisely to our customers' needsIn doing so, they leverage a combination of know-how and process technology refined over years of specialization in electronic materials.

Dexter carries the industry's most extensive TDK product offering and can deliver most products to you in 24 hours in prototype to production quantities.

Currently Dexter does not offer TDK products in its online shop. Please contact us with your product or application questions and we will be in touch.

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Manufacturer Resources

Ferrites For Switching Power Supplies (Summary)
TDK RoHS Statement
Ferrites for Telecommunications
TKD REACH Statement
Large Size Ferrite Cores For High Power
Ferrite Cores - UU (2014 Version)    
Ferrite Cores - Large Size (2014 Version)    
Ferrite Cores - E Series (2014 Version)    

Links to product-specific literature:

Ferrites for Switching Power Supplies:
  • Wide Temperature Range, Low Loss Power Material (P95)
  • Low Loss Material (PC47)
  • Low Loss Materials (PC45 and PC46)
  • High Saturation Flux Density Material for ChokeCoil (PC33)
  • E Series (EI/EE/EF/EER/ETD)
  • Planar Cores (EL/ELT/PQI/EIR/ER/EI)
  • Original Cores (PQ/LP/EPC/EP)
  • RM Series (RM)
  • SMD Cores (EE/ER/EEM)
  • Toroidal Cores(T)
  • ET, UU and FT Series

  • Ferrites for Telecommunications:
  • High Permeability Material (H5C5)
  • Materials for LAN Pulse Transformers (DNW45)
  • Low THD Materials for xDSL Modem Transformers (DN40 and DN70)
  • For 100Base-T Pulse Transformers DC Superposed, High Inductance Materials (DN45)
  • Miniature Pot Cores (P)
  • RM Series (RM)
  • EP Series (EP)
  • SMD Cores (EPC/ER/EE/EEM)
  • Toroidal Cores (T)

  • Ferrites for Coils
  • Core Details (DR, FT, THP, P, TH)

  • Ferrites for EMI Suppression
  • High Permeability Material(HF90)
  • For Choke Coil/Balun Transformer(Multi-hole, Multi-aperture, Cylindrical & Rod Types-RHH, R4H, RID, R)
  • For Common Mode Filter(Ni-Zn) (Toroidal-T)
  • Ferrite Beads(Lead-B)
  • Ferrite Beads(1 Hole-BB)
  • Ferrite Beads(6 Holes-R6H)
  • For Round Cable(Cylindrical-RH)
  • For Round Cable(Separated Cylindrical-RU)
  • For Round Cable(Toroidal-T)
  • For Flat Cable / Flexible Substrate(Rectangular-SH)
  • For Flat Cable / Flexible Substrate(Separated Square-SU)
  • For ICs and Connectors(Multiple Holes Plate-MH)
  • For ICs and Connectors(Square Plate Type-SP)
  • Sample Kits
  • Large Size Ferrite Cores for High Power:
  • Core Details(T, UU, UI, EC, EIC, EE, EI, DT, PQ, PM, SP)

  • Ferrites for Ultrasonic Applied Equipment:
  • Pi Type Ferrite Magneostrictive Vibrators(V2X)

  • Ferrites for Electrolysis:
  • Ferrite Electrodes (N102)

  • Ferrites for High Frequency Welding
  • Impeder Cores (IPH)