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Dexter continues to evolve its offering with the StackPack™ modular core system from EPCOS brand ferrite products. The U-Core configuration is focused on meeting the needs of the High Voltage Transformer market and HF Filter applications by providing standard options which can fit any application need. The modular StackPack™ design offers flexibility and economy for designers.

StackPack Kit from Dexter
Section Material Part Number
Corner N87 B67410A0250X187
Corner N49 B67410A0250X149
Leg N87 B62110A6018X087
Leg N49 B62110A6018X049
Spacer N87 B67410A0249X187
Spacer N49 B67410A0249X149
StackPack Cores from Dexter

System Benefits:

  • Standard design offering multiple configurations 
  • Lower cost than custom tooling or machining
  • Parts in stock for immediate assembly and shipment
  • Lower costs for rapid prototyping to prove out designs

Other Benefits:

  • Standard off-the-shelf products
  • Immediate availability
  • Lower costs than for custom tooling or machining
  • Bobbins also available (Shown in picture)

StackPack Kit from Dexter

Download the pdf document for full technical details or request a StackPack kit today.