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Dexter Multipole Strip Magnet BreakawayMultipole strip magnets (sometimes referred to as magnetic scales) are a standard offering at Dexter. Our configuration offers exceptional selection with robust performance for any linear sensing application.

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Dexter magnetic scales can be ordered by referencing our part numbering key and technical chart. Please reference the configuration part number key below for product options.

Designing? Read our Multipole Strip Application Note.

Dexter Multipole Strip Magnet Part Numbering

Technical Characteristics
Rubber Bonded SrFe
Flux Density @ 0.5mm GAP Bpk 20 mT to 60 mT
Magnetic Field Temp Drift TkBr -0.18 % / °C
Number of Poles
8 poles (minimum)
Pole Length Lp 1.0, 1.2, 2.0 mm
Pole Length Deviation Lp_dev 1.2 % * Lp (maximum) 
Cumulative Pole Accuracy
40 μm/m, 20 μm/m, 10 μm/m
Amplitude Variation Bpk_var 10 % Bpk (maximum)
Adjacent Pole Amplitude Variation Bpk_adj 5 % Bpk (maximum)
Thermal Expansion
4.5E-05 mm /mm / °C
Temperature Range Tamb -20 °C to 85°C
Corrosion Resistance
No Rust
Cracks Prohibited

Dexter Multipole Strip Technical Diagram