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Product Downloads & Datasheets

Permanent Magnets Overview Magnetization Patterns

     Alnico Magnet Grades Magnet Curves        
     Ceramic Magnet Grades Magnet Curves        
     Nd-Fe-B Magnet Grades Magnet Curves Coating Options      
     Sm-Co Magnet Grades Magnet Curves        
Biomagnetic Separators Overview Tubes (mL): 1.5, 15, 50, 125, 500, 1000, 5000
    Trays (wells): 96F, 96P, 384F
    Automated: SpeedSep™
    Custom Separator Devices for Life Sciences
Magnets for Sensors Overview Axial Disc Magnets

    Diametric Disc Magnets      
    Multipole Strip Magnets      
Magnetic Cores &
Overview Modular Bobbins StackPack™ Cores    
  Linecard Large Kool Mu® Cores Stacked Bobbins    

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