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Frequently Asked Questions About Permanent Magnet Appearance

  1. Can customers specify appearance requirements?
  2. Does Dexter Magnetic Technologies have standards on permanent magnet appearance?
  3. What general physical imperfections are present under normal conditions?
  1. Yes. Dexter was founded upon the ideology of custom solutions. We encourage customers to specify mechanical and/or appearance requirements. Of course, if no customer-specific standards are stated, Dexter adheres to its own Permanent Magnets Workmanship and Appearance Standard.
  2. Yes. You can download our quality document detailing our permanent magnet standard here:

    Dexter's standards include Alnico materials, castings and sintered rare earth materials. The standard was developed by Dexter Magnetic Technologies from best practice experience and from MMPA (Magnetic Materials Producers Association) Specification Standard for Materials No. 0100-00.
  3. Under normal conditions of handling, shipping, assembly and service, Dexter Magnetic Technologies acceptance criteria allows imperfections such as minor hairline cracks, porosity, voids, cold loose chips or particles. Additionally, the condition of flow, shrinkage, pipe and other surface anomalies of the type commonly found in cast or sintered magnets shall be judged acceptable if the following conditions are met:
    1. The magnet meets the minimum magnetic performance criteria agreed upon.
    2. The imperfections do not create loose particles or other conditions which will interfere with proper functioning of the end use device.
    3. Visual imperfections do not extend more than fifty percent (50%) through any cross-section.