Linear Motors - Capabilities

Dexter’s industry-leading design engineering team is at the heart of the outstanding service that we provide to our customers. We have extensive expertise in all aspects of the design and production and testing of permanent magnet and electromagnet components, assemblies and systems. We are highly skilled in the selection and evaluation of magnetic materials and components. We are fully accustomed to working with customers at all stages of design, and to helping you select solutions that most closely match your requirements, with cost-effectiveness in mind.

Multi-disciplinary in nature, our team has engineers with masters and doctorate-level degrees in electrical and mechanical engineering, physics and materials science. We hold multiple patents for innovative magnetic technologies, with numerous patents currently pending. We have authored numerous technical papers that have been presented at scientific and engineering conferences, and published in the scientific literature and industry periodicals alike.

In short, we know magnetics. This allows us to bring the right technical resources to bear on even the most challenging of engineering designs.  For more complex magnetic engineering challenges, we utilize computer-modeling software based on boundary element and finite element analysis [FEA / BEA] to create our solutions. This allows us to quickly analyze your initial concepts and to work with you to optimize the design.

Our design engineers work closely with our process and manufacturing engineers at all stages of the design cycle, to ensure cost-effective manufacturability and to enable advance planning of fixturing, tooling and other supporting components. All of our engineers take a practical, hands-on approach to helping you with your engineering needs.

For the very best in engineering expertise and magnetic design capabilities, look no further than Dexter Magnetic Technologies.

Hermetic Sealing

A common issue within Linear Motor applications is the undesired exposure to solid, liquids, or gasses. Dexter can collaborate with your company on the design and recommend whether hermetic sealing would be a viable option. Based on the exposure and risk surrounding your application we can propose the type of hermetic sealing that would work best to ensure sustainability of our magnetic assembly, regardless of conditions.

Magnetic Design

Our custom magnetic design capabilities are second to none. We have extensive expertise in all aspects of the design and testing of permanent magnet and electromagnet components, assemblies and systems relative to Linear Motion. If you don't find a standard product suitable for your application, Dexter’s team of experts offer support and proficiency to guide you to the best solution for your application.