Linear Motors - Markets

A linear motor is effectively an AC induction motor that has been cut open and unwrapped. The “stator” is laid out in the form of a track of flat coils made from aluminum, copper and is known as the “primary” of a linear motor. The “rotor” takes the form of a moving platform known as the “secondary.” When the current is switched on, the secondary glides past the primary supported and propelled by a magnetic field.

Linear motors have a number of advantages over ordinary motors. Most obviously, there are no moving parts to go wrong. As the platform rides above the track on a cushion of air, there is no loss of energy to friction or vibration (but because the air-gap is greater in a linear motor, more power is required and the efficiency is lower). The lack of an intermediate gearbox to convert rotational motion into straight-line motion saves energy. Finally, as both acceleration and braking are achieved through electromagnetism, linear motors are much quieter than ordinary motors.

Click here for more complete specification on linear motors and the different configurations available.

Dexter can design, manufacture and deliver custom linear motor solutions for a variety of vertical markets.

Medical Devices

Dexter is a recognized leader in magnetic solutions for medical uses. Our 15+ years of experience serving the medical market gives us deep knowledge needed to understand the highly specialized requirements manufacturers face in gaining FDA or CE approval.

We are a premier provider of magnetic devices to many of the applications listed below, as well as many other class I, II and III medical solutions. Dexter’s knowledge of magnet performance in extreme conditions and magnet compatibility helps you ensure a solution that meets the most stringent requirements.

Some applications include:
-Ventricle Assist Devices (VADs)
-Cochlear Implants
-Drug delivery systems
-Pain management systems
-Implantable shunt valves


The applications below require highly engineered magnetic solutions. Dexter has the equipment, engineering know-how and people to develop these systems and to bring them to market. In addition, Dexter has a clear path towards DFARS compliance with established sources in allied countries.

• Guidance systems – Arial
• Guidance systems – Ground Based (Joystick control)
• Radar – motor actuation
• Flap/Fin Actuation
• Cooling devices (IR detection sensors)
• Rotor assemblies (electric drive systems)
• Magnetic Sensors (mechanical switch mechanisms)
• Paralyne Coatings (lightweight protection)
• Fuel Gage Magnets
• Fuel Gage assemblies


If you don't find a standard product suitable for your application, our expertise and ability to provide custom motion components and systems is unmatched in the industry. Our custom manufacturing ability is further augmented by our long history of providing systems for vacuum and cleanroom operation.

Our dedicated teams work with you throughout your entire project–helping you define needs, validating system specifications and manufacturing optimized solutions. Our goal is to enable you to take technology farther.

- ISO 13485 Certified
- Clean room Class 10000 (ISO 7)
- Component-level traceability
- Flexible manufacturing
- ISO: 9001:2008
- Precision machining capabilities
- Confidence in design integrity
- Single sourcing expertise
- Project and product awareness
- Prototype to production options
- Robust magnetic assemblies