Dexter Eliminates Production Loss by Machining Ferrites

May 4, 2018

Dexter loves to help our customers be successful by solving their magnetic problems. Recently, one of our valued customers was having issues with ferrite sensors. They had been manufacturing two sizes of sensors, using standard cup core ferrites. They had also developed an in between size of sensor, and were using the larger standard core and forcing it into a smaller enclosure. This caused excessive quality losses due to breakage of the core when forced into the cup, as well as production losses when the ferrite protruded outside of the cup. 

Dexter proposed a solution involving two steps.

     + Dexter designed and machined an in between size of cores for engineering proof of concept. This concept was proved out before moving on to step two

     + Dexter tooled up the core to be pressed into the desired shape

The result – quality and production losses were nearly eliminated. Labor times were greatly reduced with the lower amount of rework needed. Total return on investment for this customer (including machining and tooling costs) was less than 6 months.

Custom Machined Ferrites

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