Powder Cores

magnetic power inductor powder cores
Magnetic powder cores to suite your application requirements.

Powder cores are distributed air gap cores that are primarily used in power inductor applications, specifically in switched-mode power supply (SMPS) output filters, also known as DC inductors.  Other power applications include differential inductors, boost inductors, buck inductors, and flyback transformers.

We are a proud partner of Magnetics® and carry a full array of Magnetics powder cores to suite your application requirements. Magnetics powder cores are not pressed with an organic binder and therefore do not exhibit any thermal aging effects, as observed with powdered iron cores.

Magnetics® powder core materials are used in inductors, but each has its own advantages. For the lowest loss inductor, MPP material should be used since it has the lowest core loss.  For the smallest core size in a DC Bias dominated design, High Flux should be used since it has the highest flux capacity.  For reasonably low losses and reasonably high saturation at a low cost, Kool Mu® should be used since it has the lowest material costs. XFlux offers a more economical, high saturation material (1.6 T) for use in low and medium frequency inductors and chokes. Its high saturation is advantageous in applications where inductance under load is critical.

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