Providing the industry’s best magnets and magnet solutions is a complicated business, which is why, Dexter Magnetic Technologies strives to provide the best engineering, manufacturing, and quality services. Our commitment to excellence is evident in all aspects of our operations, from the initial design and consultation stages to the final delivery and customer service.


Dexter Magnetic Technologies’ highly skilled and experienced engineering and design team specializes in the development of innovative magnetic based solutions for any application. Our team’s expertise in magnets, assembly, design, rapid prototyping, magnetic field testing, and more, allows us to deliver cutting-edge designs that successfully meet our customers’ specifications and requirements.

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Dexter Magnetic Technologies utilizes advanced machining technology and assembly techniques to manufacture magnetic components and assemblies for conventional applications to complex systems. Discover how our manufacturing can address a variety of requirements for components and assemblies, micro to large.

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Dexter Magnetic Technologies has a comprehensive quality management system (QMS) in place to ensure that our products and services meet or exceed customer expectations. We hold both ISO 13485 certification and AS9100 Rev. D certification which are globally recognized standards for quality management systems.

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