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Magnetic Calculators

AL Inductance Calculator Ferrite Gapping Calculator Field Calculations for a Rectangle Field on Axis of a Ring Magnet Field on Axis of a Cylindrical Magnet Field Calculations for a Permanent Magnet Dipole Pull Strength on Steel for a Rectangle Pull Strength of Steel for a Cylinder


White Papers and Technical Information


BarrierMax Coating

Parylene Family

Nickel Plating-Overview

Aluminum Coatings-Overview

Magnet Coatings

Neodymium Iron Boron Coating Options

Mapping & Measuring

Stray Field Considerations for Medical Products

Magnetic Measuring

3-Axis Magnetic Field Mapping in System Design Validation

Low-Cost Helmholtz Method for Magnet Testing



Permanent Magnet Basics

Magnet Designs for Magneto-electronic Thin Film Processing

Introduction  to Electromagnets

Electromagnet Design Considerations

Method to Design Magnetrons that Match Preferred Erosion Patterns

Magnetization Patterns

Magnets for Sensors Overview

Magnets for Sensors Axial Disc Magnets

Magnets for Sensors Diametric Disc Magnets

MagneGear™ Linear and Rotary Magnetic Gearing Devices for Downhole Applications

Permanent Magnets Magnetization Patterns

Hermetic Sealing


Magnetic Separators for Life Sciences and their Performance

Attraction of Medical Magnets

Magnet Design Considerations for High Gradient Magnetic Separations

Biomagnetic Separation and Resuspension, Overview

Biomagnetic Separator LifeSep 384S


Alnico Magnet Curves

Bonded Neodymium Iron Boron Material

Ceramic Magnet Curves

Neodymium Iron Boron Magnet Curves

Permanent Magnets Overview

Permanent Magnets Materials

Samarium Cobalt Magnet Curves

DXT Powered by Dexter

Magnetic Cores Overview

Magnetic Cores Large Kool Mu Cores

Magnetic Cores Line Card

Magnetic Cores Stackpack Cores

LifeSep® Data Sheets

Dexter LifeSep® 1.5S

Dexter LifeSep® 15SX

Dexter LifeSep® 15SX- 6 Cell Station

Dexter LifeSep® 50SX

Dexter LifeSep® 125SX

Dexter LifeSep® 250SX

Dexter LifeSep® 500SX

Dexter LifeSep® 1000SX

Dexter LifeSep® 5000SX

Dexter LifeSep® SpeedSep™

Dexter LifeSep® 96DS

Dexter LifeSep® 96DR

Dexter LifeSep® 96P

Dexter LifeSep® 96F

Dexter LifeSep® 384S

Dexter LifeSep® 384F

Frequently Asked Questions

Dexter LifeSep® Biomagnetic Separation Units

FAQ – Bonded Magnet Materials

FAQ – Choosing Magnet Materials

FAQ – Limits of Magnet Materials

FAQ – Magnet Coatings and Plating

FAQ – Magnet Processing and Manufacturing

FAQ – Magnet Couplings and their Design

FAQ – Magnetic Theory and Design

FAQ – Magnetization and Demagnetization

FAQ – Magnetization Patterns

FAQ – Magnets for Sensors

FAQ – Pole Pieces

FAQ – Rules and Quick Calculations

FAQ – Temperature Effects on Magnets

FAQ – Soft Magnet Materials

Purchasing and Shipping

Shipping of Magnetized Materials

Online Purchasing and Shipping Policies

Sales Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions of Purchase

Supplier Information

Supplier Terms and Conditions

Supplier Quality Manual (SQAR)

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