Are you attracted to the exciting field of magnetic technologies?

At Dexter, we have a variety of exciting career opportunities for the best and brightest talent. If innovation and invention are among your top career goals, and you enjoy a fast-paced, customer-centric work environment, we invite you to apply.

About Dexter

Dexter Magnetic Technologies is the global leader in the specification, design and fabrication of magnetic products and assemblies. Our extensive knowledge in magnetics allows us to provide magnetic solutions for a wide variety of vertical markets and applications.

Dexter's Core Values

Fostering Innovation

Team Development

Customer Focus

Continuous improvement

innovate and grow

As the essential magnetic system partner, our company offers highly experienced teams of engineers and support staff which are dedicated to delivering innovative technological solutions and services through a powerful combination of partnerships and expertise.

Open to Change

Dexter welcomes and seeks your new ideas, whether to improve an existing product design or simply to increase efficiency.

Dexter Careers

opportunity for growth

We invest in the future, take rational risks to fuel sustainable growth.

dexter engineering

To pursue extraordinary results

At Dexter, you can rely on colleagues who have a deep understanding of the business acquired over a long career with the company.