Linear Motors

Linear Motor MagneticsDexter can design Linear Induction Motors and deliver custom magnet solutions.

Deciding on the right Magnetic Linear Motors based on your application can be a very challenging task. Dexter has extensive experience in the magnetic field and can assist your team with the development of a linear motor to ensure maximum performance. We will help select the right Linear Motor Technology and assist in important selection criteria involving force calculations, environmental considerations, and magnetic flux interaction in the overall application.


At Dexter we have a history of overcoming the challenges presented by applications for the oil & gas, aerospace and defense markets. Our magnetic assemblies are capable of handling the most challenging environmental conditions where extremes of temperature, precision and reliability are critical.


Linear motors come in three configurations. These are U-channel, flat-type, and cylindrical (tubular). Each have different characteristics because of the configurations, in force magnitude, speed, acceleration / deceleration, motion smoothness, leakage field, and cost.


Dexter provides linear motors and custom designs for a wide variety of customers and applications including:

• Semiconductors
• Oil and Gas
• Defense
• Medical/Surgical Devices
• Medical/Surgical Implants and IVD testing