Linear motors come in three configurations. These are U-channel, flat-type, and cylindrical (tubular). Voice coil motors can also generate linear motion; they are made in different geometries as well. The linear motors have different characteristics because of the configurations, in force magnitude, speed, acceleration / deceleration, motion smoothness, leakage field, and cost. 

Dexter can design, manufacture and deliver custom linear motor solutions.


• 3-phase windings typically, with brushless commutation using Hall effect sensors​
• Magnetic leakage: Medium-High​
• Points of support: Only at both ends​
• Limit of length due to deflection​


• Ironless flat motors – smooth velocity control​
• Slotless-iron flat motors – for higher force output​
• Slotted-iron flat motors – for even higher force output​
• Cogging force can be reduced by skewed magnets​

Attractive force between “forcer” and magnet track can be used advantageously as preload​


• Two parallel magnet tracks facing each other, seated in U-shaped channel​
• “Forcer” (coil windings) supported by bearings between magnet tracks​
• Typically 3-phase, w/ brushless commutation​
• Forcer is ironless; low mass; high acceleration; smooth linear motion​
• Magnetic leakage: Low​

Can be staged to increase length of travel​