Medical Device

Dexter’s Medical Device Applications

Dexter Magnetic Technologies, an ISO 13485 certified company, is one of the leaders in developing magnetic solutions for implantable medical device applications. Combining an experienced design team with a proven development process, we can assist you in taking your concept to commercial reality. Learn how Dexter’s holistic approach to product development enables us to partner with you to design, test, manufacture, and verify magnetic assemblies for implantable systems.


  • Less Invasive Procedures​
  • Better Patient Outcomes​
  • Create Distinct Product Advantages
  • Increase Adaptation

Our Solutions


Miniaturization plays a crucial role in medical devices, reducing the invasiveness of surgeries, and optimizing patient experiences.


By employing bio-compatible materials and coatings, our medical magnets are engineered to be compatible with the human body.

MRI Compatability

By employing innovative designs, we provide medical professionals with magnets that enable high-quality, artifact-free MRI scans.

Stray Field Management

Our expertise is especially crucial in environments, where the presence of strong magnetic fields necessitates stringent safety measures.

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