medical equipment

Dexter’s Medical Equipment Applications

Dexter Magnetic Technologies (ISO 13485 certified) is committed to helping you develop better medical equipment by using superior magnetic engineering for clinical, diagnostic, and therapeutic purposes. Our commitment to quality has made us an industry leader in magnetic engineering for medical applications.

Robotic Surgery
X-Ray Systems
Surgical Drills
Proton Therapy
Laser Surgery
PET Scanners
Invitro Diagnostic Equipment 

Our Mutual

  • Less Invasive Procedures​
  • Better Patient Outcomes​
  • High Throughput​
  • Rapid Detection ​
  • Precise Diagnosis

Our Solutions

Optimized Separation

Our expertise in separation enables more efficient and precise separation of targeted substances, leading to improved diagnostic accuracy and enhanced drug delivery.

Precision Magnetics

Our team utilizes advanced engineering techniques and state-of-the-art materials to create magnets with tight tolerances and precise geometries.

Stray Field Management

Our expertise is especially crucial in environments, where the presence of strong magnetic fields necessitates stringent safety measures.