Surgical Solutions

The Dexter Difference 

Dexter provides vertically integrated solutions with end-to-end capabilities from design to finished magnetic device assembly. We offer a comprehensive range of resources and expertise to help bring your minimally invasive devices and delivery systems to market.

Design and Development 

Machining & Precision Components 

Finished Device Assembly 

Testing and Verification 

Dexter is one of the industry’s only end-to-end resources for turning surgical device concepts into commercial realities. Our Stage Gate approach to product development enables us to design, test, manufacture and verify all the magnets and magnetic assemblies within the most complex surgical systems. We maintain a Class 10,000 (ISO 7) certified clean room and clean packaging to facilitate quick integration of magnetic components and assemblies into our customer’s end products.



We offer decades of targeted expertise and manufacturing capabilities, including:
• Project Management: Follows Dexter’s Stage Gate Process
• Magnetic system design
• Human factor engineering to support usability studies
• Design failure mode and effect analysis (DFMEA)
• Precision machining and micro-mechanical engineering
• Assembly and testing capability
• Compliance and Certifications: ISO13485
• Biocompatible coatings and encapsulation: BarrierMax I and II, Gold, Titanium
• Supply chain management: Operationally integrated and responsive


Surgical assist magnets for laparoscopic surgery and endoscopy
Linear and rotary encoders
Permanent magnet rotors for surgical tools
Holding and retaining magnets within the surgery room
Catheter guidance – magnetic steering
Magnets in ventilator motors (VCM and Rotary)
Surgical table magnetic instrument holder
Magnetic catheters
Magnetic torque limiters
Eddy current dampers in surgical robots
Magnetic couplings in surgical robots
Magnetic grippers

Magnetic Technologies

• Magnetic Sensing
• Holding Magnets
• Magnetic Couplings
• Retrieval Magnets
• Beam Deflection and Focusing
• Motor Rotors
• Linear Motors
• Hermetic Sealing


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