Accelerating Your Path From Concept to Market

Dextreme Prototype Shop


Dextreme prototyping delivers tailored solutions that elevate performance, shorten development cycles, and bring your magnetic application to life. Our collaborative approach, coupled with advanced materials, ensures your prototypes are not only delivered swiftly but also tailored to your customized specifications, accelerating your path from concept to market.

The Process:

  • Define Objectives: Clearly outline the purpose and goals of the prototype.
  • Conceptualization: Brainstorm ideas and concepts. Sketch out rough designs using SolidWorks (CAD) software to create initial digital models.
  • Material Selection: Choose appropriate materials based on the intended function, durability, and appearance of the prototype. Consider factors such as strength, flexibility, and cost.
  • Prototyping Technique: Select a prototyping method based on your design and budget. Options include 3D printing, CNC machining, or laser cutting.
  • Testing and Evaluation: Test the prototype for your unique use to validate its functionality, performance, and usability.
  • Iterative Improvement: Based on test results and your feedback, refine the prototype through iterative cycles of design, prototyping, and testing until it meets all requirements.
  • Scaling Up: Once the prototype is finalized and validated, prepare for mass production by refining manufacturing processes, sourcing materials, and optimizing production efficiency.

Dextreme Rapid Prototype Shop Will:

  • Develop prototypes with shorter development cycles
  • Provide access to an industry-leading engineering team including testing and inspection for top-tier expertise
  • Engineer highly customized magnetic assemblies and systems tailored to your needs
  • Utilize advanced materials and machining capabilities to enhance the performance of your prototypes


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