Magnetic Assemblies

At Dexter we excel at designing, manufacturing and delivering magnetic assemblies.

We offer decades of experience and technology leadership along with the industry’s most extensive investment in engineering and tools to help our partners and customers achieve the most demanding application requirements.

We have the magnet industry’s most extensive knowledge base on material performance at extremes of temperature and understanding of design effects on load line. We excel at technical support to help you select the correct grade of materials, coatings, tolerances and magnetic testing.

One of our core competencies is overcoming the challenges presented by applications for the oil & gas, aerospace and defense markets. Our magnetic assemblies are capable of handling the most challenging environmental conditions where extremes of temperature, precision and reliability are critical.

We work hard to provide the best customer service with expert consulting, short lead times on quotes and quick turnaround on prototypes for new products and programs. We understand your product life cycles and work with you to reduce costs over time.


A magnetic coupling is a device that is capable of transmitting force through space without physical contact. We offer three types of custom magnetic couplings.

Dipoles, Halbach & Stelter Arrays

We have built hundreds of different types of dipoles, each optimized for a particular application.


We do not make klystrons/gyrotrons. We do make the magnetic assemblies that enable these devices to operate effectively.

Microwave Circulators and Isolators

Microwave circulators and isolators are used primarily in radar and communication systems. These devices typically consist of a ground plane, microwave ferrite and a permanent magnet. These devices are critical in the switching and routing of microwave energy.


Our magnetic technology for the motor/VCM market delivers the ability to push the limits on miniaturization, efficiency and performance.


Besides the MRI machines one finds in hospitals, magnetic resonance devices are commonly in devices used to ensure proper chemistry / material mix, such as equipment used to monitor quality of asphalt.

Sensors and Encoders

Magnetic sensors indirectly measure properties such as direction, position, rotation, angle and current by detecting the magnetic field and its changes.


Separators are used to separate magnetic materials, such as magnetic beads, from the non-magnetic medium in a vessel.

Linear Motors

Deciding on the right linear motor based on your application can be a very challenging task. Dexter has extensive experience in the magnetics field and can assist your team with the development of a linear motor to ensure maximum performance. We will help select the right technology and assist in important selection criteria involving force calculations, environmental considerations, and magnetic flux interaction in the overall application.

Other Products

Erasers, headsetters, alignment magnets and more....