Dexter’s Manufacturing Capabilities

Dexter Magnetic Technologies utilizes advanced machining technology and assembly techniques to manufacture magnetic components and assemblies for conventional applications to complex systems. Discover how our manufacturing can address a variety of requirements for components and assemblies, micro to large.

Custom magnets

Dexter Magnetic Technologies offers an extensive variety of magnetic materials such as neodymium, samarium cobalt, ceramic, and alnico, in a range of magnetic strengths and properties to suit your applications and requirements.

Magnetic Assemblies

Combining magnetic and non-magnet materials in an optimized configuration, Dexter Magnetic Technologies delivers efficient solutions that maximize performance in the most demanding applications.

Magnetic Systems

Dexter Magnetic Technologies is your partner that not only provides magnetic assemblies, but also provides magnetic systems including electromagnets, power supplies and control systems to provide a fully integrated solution.

Non Magnetic Materials

Dexter Magnetic Technologies employs advanced techniques to achieve highly accurate and consistent magnetization of various materials to ensure optimal performance. Supported by magnetic measurement and field mapping, we deliver best-in-class products for our customer's unique needs.