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Dexter’s Life Science Applications

Dexter Magnetic Technologies (ISO 13485 certified) has decades of experience developing medical magnets that are essential in life science applications, including beam bending and focusing, sensing, magnetic particle separation, mixing, and resuspension. Their applications in life sciences contribute to the development of improved therapies, drug discovery, diagnostics, medical device technology, and patient care.

Molecular Biology
Electron Microscopes
Mass Spectrometers

Our Mutual

  • Accuracy​
  • Reliable Results​
  • Maximize Productivity​
  • Optimal Outcomes

Our Solutions

Optimized Separation

Our expertise in separation enables more efficient and precise separation of targeted substances, leading to improved diagnostic accuracy and enhanced drug delivery.

Precision Magnetics

Our team utilizes advanced engineering techniques and state-of-the-art materials to create magnets with tight tolerances and precise geometries.

Stray Field Management

Our expertise is especially crucial in environments, where the presence of strong magnetic fields necessitates stringent safety measures.


Dexter’s patented LifeSep® separators are the tool of choice for many leading players in life science research, pharmaceutical development and medical diagnostic fields. In addition, check out Dexter’s magnetic mixing and resuspension technology. This technology offers a new method for mixing magnetic beads and particles using the physics of magnets!

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