We can help you realize your goals whether you’re transitioning to 300mm wafers, have a challenging metallization requirement or need to precisely align a magnetic thin film. Through our proprietary and patented technologies, we’ve been delivering solutions to the various segments of the semiconductor industry including wafer processing, packaging, and test / measurement.

We provide the magnets that make ferrofluidic sealing a reality.

Specially designed permanent and electromagnetic frames and dipoles are utilized to align thin films, while our patented magnetron designs enhance the sputtering effectiveness of ferrous targets. This alignment of films is critical in the development of M-RAM (magnetic random access memory), an evolving technological area in which we have much to offer.

Packaging solutions include high performance motors for wire bonding equipment as well as torque couplings for the sealless translation of rotation or linear motion into vacuum chambers. Various permanent and electromagnetic products for wafer inspection equipment are among the solutions we provide for test and measurement manufacturers.


    • Wafer processing
    • Ion implantation
    • Thin film deposition equipment
    • High performance motors
    • Vacuum chambers
    • Inspection and testing
    • Gauges and sensors
    • Lithography Systems


  • Clean Assembly
  • High Performance Magnetics
  • Electromagnetics
  • Hermetically Sealed Solutions
  • Vacuum Compatible