Magnetic Field Mapping

An essential part of testing, verification, and troubleshooting of a magnetic device is field mapping.  Our magnetic field mapping devices are completely automated, but can be manually controlled if an application requires.  For most applications, an automated solution is most efficient and convenient.  The mapper is given the required mapping space in all three dimensions, specifies a resolution, and lets the mapper collect data with its three-axis probe.  The mapping device then exports the magnetic field data to file once acquisition is complete.  We can process the data in-house as needed, or the raw data can be delivered directly to the customer for analysis in the customer’s favorite data processing software.

Our mapper can currently acquire data for magnetic devices that are no larger than approximately 30.5” x 31.5” x 41”.  Electromagnetic devices requiring external power must be supplied to us with necessary power supplies and accessories.

What kinds of post-processing can Dexter provide?

  • Linear field graphs
  • Surface/3D plots
  • Correlation/comparison studies
  • Advanced mathematical processing per customer specification








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