Since 1951 Dexter Magnetic Technologies has been delivering reliable magnet solutions for your application requirements, supplying the world with permanent magnets, complex magnetic assemblies, magnetic cores and magnet accessories. Our team takes pride in being the essential magnet partner and your single source for magnetic solutions - realized and optimized.


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Magnetic Cores & Accessories

Experience our legacy as the premier supplier of magnetic cores and components since 1951.
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- StackPack™ EPCOS U-Cores
- EI-3.0" Modular Bobbins
- AMCC Cut Cores
- AMCC Bobbins
- E-Core / Bobbin Selector Guide

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Permanent Magnets & Assemblies

Delivering excellence in rare earth magnet components and complete assemblies.
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What is Magnetic Bead Separation?


Watch magnetic bead separation at work using Dexter's patented LIFESEP® 50ml separator