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The Architect of Magnetic Technology

From permanent magnets to large complex magnetic assemblies, Dexter has a legacy of designing, manufacturing and delivering systems to meet the needs of our partners and their application requirements.

More information on specific magnetic examples can be found under the "Magnetic Assemblies" drop down menu. Alternatively, pages can be accessed via the links below.

Dexter_Alignment_Permanent Dexter_Syncronous_Coaxial_Coupling Dexter_U5000_Bulk_Degausser_Scale Dexter_Dipole
Alignment Magnets Couplings Degaussers Dipoles
Dexter_Dipole_Stelter Dexter_EAS_Security_Magnetic_Detachers Dexter_Alignment_Electromagnet Dexter_Head_Setter_Assembly
Halbach & Stelter Arrays EAS Detachers Electromagnets Headsetters
Dexter_Gyrotron_Assembly Dexter_Planar_Magnetron
Dexter_Circulator_Assembly Dexter Magnetic Cooler Motor
Klystrons-Gyrotrons Magnets Magnetrons Microwave Circulators / Isolators Motor / Actuators
Dexter_MRI_Dipole_2 Dexter_NDT_Assembly_Pipeline Dexter_Sensor_ Strip_Magnet Dexter_LifeSep_15SX
MRI / NMR Non-destructive Testing Sensors / Encoders Separators