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Dexter Magnetic Technologies has been developing magnetic solutions for the sensor / encoder market for more than three decades. The company's legacy of engineering expertise and customer awareness has created the most reliable and robust magnetic solutions for sensor / encoder technology. With a full portfolio of magnet possibilities - from standard to custom designs - your hall effect and reed switch applications are supported.

Multipole_Strip_MagnetMultipole Magnets

Axial Magnet 3D
Axial Magnets

Diametric Magnet 3D
Diametric Magnets


Know the Chip & Need the Magnet?

Dexter proudly partners with leading chip manufacturers and their distribution networks to ensure customers have the magnet they want - when they need it. Charts for easy chip / magnet compatibility reference are below. For distributor stocked parts, click the distributor link to see in-stock part numbers. As with any application, it is always recommended to contact Dexter engineering to discuss exact magnet requirements.

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Distributor Stocked Parts