DFARS - An introduction

DFARS Restrictions on Raw Materials

DFARS establishes a set of restrictions for the origination of raw materials intended to protect the US defense industry from the vulnerabilities of being overly dependent on foreign sources of supply. For those of you with government or defense-related contracts, compliance with DFARS is crucial. In our industry, the supply and fabrication of refractory metals, we’re concerned with three clauses related to the acquisition of specialty metals. More information on DFARS restrictions to the acquisition of specialty metals follows below.For detailed information on all aspect of DFARS, visit the Defense Acquisition Regulation’s website.

Permanent Magnets for Medical Solutions

We also are the premier provider of permanent magnets for pacemakers, hearing aids, MRIs, lasers, implantable valves and detectors, as well as many other class 1, 11 and 111 medical solutions.

Magnetic Bead Separation Device

A new technology to assist the creation of a homogeneous mixture of magnetic beads within the solution. Our separation technology provides superior particle retention and decreases assay cycle time!