Magnetic Mixing & Verification System


Meeting the ever-changing needs of the medical and life sciences industries means evolving new solutions. This includes Dexter’s Dexter LifeSep® SX series of biomagnetic separator stands for single tube/vessels. Here are our standard SX series products.

All Dexter LifeSep products are customizable! Dexter’s magnetic and manufacturing expertise allows for a solution that is truly tailored to you needs. Some options for customization include but are not limited to the following:

  • Separation Location (single vs. multiple separation zones)
  • Separation Shape (Ring, 4 corners, side wall, flat, etc.)
  • Separation Speed
  • Unique/Custom Vessels
  • Multi-Vessel Separation Rack
  • Higher Particle Retention
  • Private Labeling


With our revolutionary biomagnetic separators, Dexter is at the forefront of magnetic technology for medical solutions. From single vessel to bulk separation, our patented solutions meet your needs for separation that is faster, more accurate and more efficient.

We are a resource for leading players in the biotech, life science and pharmaceutical fields in applications such as:

  • DNA separation and mRNA purification
  • Cell isolation and rare cell detection
  • Development of immunoassays
  • Capture of biomolecules
  • Protein purification

Our Dexter LifeSep® magnetic bead separators and products are designed to work with most commercially available superparamagnetic beads, roughly 0.8 micron and above. Smaller beads can be used, but it is important to ensure the size distribution of the beads is narrow and the magnetic mass susceptibility is adequate.

For beads in the nanometer range, we can provide extremely high-gradient, custom separation solutions achieving efficient collection that might otherwise only be possible with matrix-based technology.

Dexter LifeSep designs are superior due to an intricate magnetic circuit which maximizes speed, particle retention, shape, and more.

Say hello to the future of magnetic applications!