Magnetic Design

At Dexter, our industry-leading engineering team is at the heart of the outstanding value that we provide to our customers. We have extensive expertise in all aspects of the design and testing of permanent magnet and electromagnet components, assemblies and systems relative to Linear Motion. Engineers from a variety of fields support in magnetic material selection, magnet evaluation, assembly design and program management. 

In short, we know magnetics within Linear Motion. This allows us to bring the right technical resources to support the most challenging of engineering designs. Our design engineers work closely with our process and manufacturing engineers at all stages of the design cycle. This ensures cost-effective manufacturability and advanced planning of fixtures, tooling and other supporting components.  

Design Improvements: 

  • Optimized magnetic designs for maximum field strength, force, and torque 
  • Mechanical restraints for rugged operating environments involving shocks and high G-force 
  • Self-contained magnetic field designs to reduce leakage and effectuate sensitive equipment compatibility 
  • Most suitable magnet surface finish / encapsulation for every operating environment and bonding requirement to minimize magnet corrosion and maximize product lifespan 

Magnetic Value Added Solutions: 

  • Magnetic Design Consultation 
  • Material Specification & Validation 
  • Magnetic Feasibility 
  • Electromechanical Design 
  • Plating Selection 
  • Design for Manufacturability 
  • Process Development 
  • Field Profile Analysis & Verification 
  • Element Analysis 
  • Magnetic Testing & Mapping 


Quality, Performance and Cost are all critical factors that need to be balanced when designing a new Linear Motion device.   At Dexter we take pride in engaging our customers early in the design process to leverage our extensive magnetic knowledgeThis has repeatedly led to designs that are optimized, manufacturable and meet the desired performance needs at a cost-effective price.