Manufacturers Information – Ferroxcube

Ferroxcube is the latest addition to the already robust manufacturer options from Dexter. As an approved distributor of Ferroxcube ferrites and hardware, you can rely on us for immediate delivery from stock and the best pricing.

Ferrites are an optimal solution for high frequency Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) suppression. Their high frequency stability provides a frequency increasing impedance that keeps the signal integrity while dissipating the noise.

Ferroxcube offers a wide range of shapes and sizes for wound EMI filters, including rods, tubes, multihole cores and beads. Also available from Ferroxcube are PCB components and cable shields.

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Manufacturer Resources

Power Conversion Materials

Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)

MnZn Ferrite Material Safety Data Sheet

NiZn Ferrite Material Safety Data Sheet

Material Composition Data Sheets

MnZn Ferrite Cores

MnZn Ferrite Cores With Nut

MnZn Ferrite Cores Epoxy Coated

MnZn Ferrite Cores Nylon Coated

MnZn Ferrite Cores Parylene Coated

NiZn Ferrite Cores

NiZn Ferrite Cores (Uncoated) w/Plating – Lead Free

MnZn Ferrite Cores With Plating – Lead Free

Multilayer Ferrite Cores