Manufacturers Information – Miles-Platts

In a quarter of a century, Miles-Platts has positioned itself as a leading manufacturer of thermoplastic coil bobbins. To date, the company has successfully built an international reputation for reliability and service.

Dexter is proud to be the exclusive provider of Miles-Platts thermoplastic coil bobbins in the Americas. The Miles-Platts/Dexter partnership is based on innovation and customer focus. We offer the largest range of bobbins available in different configurations, including numerous stack heights, 2 flange, 3 flange and VDE options.

Product Literature

Product Catalog with direct links to the following specific sections: 

Section 1 – Introduction

Section 2 – Technical Info, Materials, UL Info, RoHS & REACH

Section 3 – Coil Bobbins for UK/USA Format Inch Laminations

Section 4 – Coil Bobbins for Metric Format Laminations

Section 5 – Coil Bobbins and Boxes for Metric Format Laminations

Section 6 – Coil Bobbins for Ferrite Cores

Section 7 – Toroid Mounts/Headers

Section 8 – Solenoid Bobbins and Custom Moulding

Section 9 – Terminals for Metric and UK/USA Inch Bobbins

Section 10 – Ordering, Part Number Format, Terms & Conditions

Manufacturer Resources

Miles-Platts RoHS Statement

Miles-Platts REACH Statement