Biomagnetic Separators Compatibility

Bead and Protocol Compatibility

Dexter LifeSep® magnetic bead separators and products are designed to work with most commercially available superparamagnetic beads, roughly 0.8 micron and above. Smaller beads can be used, but it is important to ensure the size distribution of the beads is narrow and the magnetic mass susceptibility is adequate. For beads in the nanometer range, Dexter can provide extremely high-gradient, custom separation devices achieving efficient collection that might otherwise only be possible with matrix-based technology.

Care & Caution

The units can be cleaned with mild detergent but should not be submerged in aqueous solutions. Separators should be handled with care and stored at a safe distance from magnetic media including computer hard drives, disks, video tapes and credit cards. Persons with pacemakers / implants should be made aware of potential hazards associated with stray magnetic fields. Caution should be exercised with ferrous tools or objects.

For Research Use Only

Application for Dexter LifeSep® mentioned by Dexter Magnetic Technologies are provided for informational purposes only. Dexter does not warrant that all applications have been tested or validated in Dexter laboratories using Dexter LifeSep® products. By placing the tube into the separator, our high-energy neodymium-iron-boron (Nd-Fe-B) magnet will quickly draw supermagnetic particles out of the solution. Once separation is complete, with particles held firmly to the wall and away from the bottom of the tube, you can remove the supernatant.