SpeedSep™ 5000mL Automated Bulk Magnetic Cell Separation Station

For rapid and reliable bulk separation, Dexter has designed and patented the SpeedSep™ 5000. This automated separation station is an example of the company’s commitment to the biotech, life science, and pharmaceutical fields.

As an automated solution that’s intended to be easy to use with rapid results, the SpeedSep is designed for efficiency while maintaining a compact design. It is very similar to Dexter’s LifeSep 5000SX separator. The pack of magnets contained within the device will engage and disengage the magnetic particles with the flip of a switch.

SpeedSep™ 5000 Bulk Separation Station

Part Number: 2905015

Volume (mL): 5000

Height (mm): 479

Width (mm): 762

Depth (mm): 508

Weight (kg): 81.6

Vessel Diam. (mm): 152.4

Electric Requirements: 12V @ 2A input, 120/204V external adapter