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A Legacy of Magnetic Distribution

Dexter Magnetic Technologies was founded as Permag Corporation in 1951 specifically to distribute magnetic materials to a broad base of customers and markets. Since then, the company has grown to support more products and has launched best-in-class services.

Our growing supply chain offers the most diverse offerings of current magnetic materials.  Our experienced engineers and support staff can help you choose the correct “off-the-shelf” components or assist in a custom, cost effective solution to fit your needs.

Dexter Amorphous Cores Dexter Powder Cores Dexter Ferrite Cores Dexter Bobbins Dexter Thermistors and Electronics  
 Amorphous &    Powder Cores      Ferrite Cores     Bobbins & Mounting    Thermistors 
 Nanocrystalline Cores                Hardware  



Visit the above pages for more information on our magnetic cores, ferrites and accessories.



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