Linear Motors

Dexter can design, manufacture and deliver custom magnet solutions.

Linear motors are electric motors that produce motion in a straight line rather than rotational motion.

In a traditional electric motor, the rotor (rotating part) spins inside the stator (static part); in a linear motor, the stator is unwrapped and laid out flat and the “rotor” moves past it in a straight line. Linear motors often use superconducting magnets, which are cooled to low temperatures to reduce power consumption.

Linear motors allow operation in a variety of speeds while maintaining precision and accuracy.


We work closely with customers to develop solutions geared towards their requirements. Dexter can make modifications to existing products or design, develop and manufacture custom solutions.

All work is done in our US-based facilities. Manufacturing in-house enables us to offer a high degree of customization on very short lead times. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility keeps production costs down, and we therefore can provide a very competitive price

Technical Expertise

If you don't find a standard product suitable for your application, our expertise and ability to provide custom motion components and systems is unmatched in the industry. Our custom manufacturing ability is further augmented by our long history of providing systems for vacuum and cleanroom operation.


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