Product Spotlight

Factors to consider before buying magnetic materials

When selecting magnetic materials, factors such as cost, frequency, operating temperature, and available space all need to be considered. We proactively work with our vendors to come up with solutions to our customer’s problems.  Our experienced engineers and support staff can help you choose the correct “off-the-shelf” components or assist in a custom, cost-effective solution to fit your needs.

The latest magnetic applications!

Dexter’s featured products include; StackPack Modular Cores,  AMCC Cores & Bobbins, E65/E70/E80 Cores & Bobbins, Rubadue Wire, and Fair-Rite 75 Materials. Check out the datasheets to learn more about their benefits and capabilities!


For engineers having to develop new unique shapes to meet the requirements of higher frequencies in higher power density applications.

STACKPACK: Modular Cores for Ease of Assembly

Innovative ferrite core design for low-cost customization. Standard core shapes, stocked in multiple materials, allow unlimited custom variations to account for creepage/clearance, larger VA’s, multiple gapping, and more.

AMCC CORES & BOBBINS: Higher Efficiency Cores for Lower Losses

Standard core and bobbin configurations for higher efficiency power and filtering applications. Dexter’s large inventory allows quick prototypes for your customers. Easy design and winding configurations, for use in most UL systems.

E65, E70, E80 CORES & BOBBINS: Multi-stack Ferrite Bobbins to Reduce Board Space

Save board space by stacking E Cores to meet required power levels. Double and triple stack bobbins available in stock as standard product for use in most UL systems.

RUBADUE WIRE: Insulated Wire for HV and High Temperature

Innovative wire design, including triple insulated, high temperature, and now Litz. Avoid high minimum orders through our stock offerings.

FAIR-RITE 75 MATERIAL: High Perm Ferrites for Improved Performance

High permeability material perfect for your low-frequency noise issues. Providing enhanced impedance between 150 kHz and 10 MHz. Multiple shapes and sizes in stock.