Machining New Magnets for Harsh Environment Applications

June 21, 2018

As our manufacturers develop new materials, we work to keep our stock up to date; beginning in the form of blocks and toroids. Generally, customers want short design cycles and typically cannot wait for standard shapes to be pressed with normal lead time, for that reason it is our priority to always have the correct inventory available. As part of our continuous efforts to fulfill the customer’s needs, Dexter combined our rapid prototyping and machining capabilities to support and improve sample/qualification and purchasing stock for production volumes.

Case in point, when the 3C97 power material was first developed, Dexter recognized its benefits and began stocking blocks right away. The new ferrite material was introduced to support applications in harsh environments, where high ambient temperatures and wide temperature fluctuations are expected. Shortly after its debut, a customer came to us requesting for help manufacturing a fairly common E core. Considering that the 3C97 was fairly new, Dexter’s expertise and machining capabilities were needed since the manufacture never worked this material before. The whole process was a success! We machined prototype cores out of block stock within a week to prove out design concept, while placing a stocking order for the finished product. In the end, they were very pleased with the prototyped design and happy to know that they had inventory in place and ready for production.