Rotor Assemblies for Engine Starter Generators

March 12, 2024

Excellence in Aviation Innovation 

Dexter Magnetic Technologies’ Rotor Assemblies for Engine Starter Generators 


In the dynamic realm of aviation, where power and reliability are paramount, state-of-the-art rotor assemblies for starter generators, spanning a spectrum of aircraft from traditional to more electrified models, require an enhanced level of innovation, Dexter Magnetic Technologies is at the forefront of this charge.  

 The Evolution of Aircraft Power Systems: 

Traditionally, airplanes relied on a single starter generator to kickstart each engine. With the growing need for engine efficiency, in modern aircraft, each engine is equipped with two dedicated starter generators, ensuring optimal performance and reliability during critical phases of flight. Dexter Magnetic Technologies recognized the need for increased performance output and engineered rotor assemblies tailored for this modern era. 

 Engine and Auxiliary Power Unit (APU) Advancements: 

Dexter’s innovation extends beyond just the main engines. For auxiliary power units (APUs) in a traditional aircraft, a single starter generator sufficed. In advanced, more electric designed aircraft, two starter generators are needed.  

  Benefits of the innovative, more-electric design include:
  • More efficient power generation and distribution 
  • Lower maintenance costs and fewer maintenance tasks
  • Less drag and noise 
  • Better fuel efficiency  


Why Dexter:

Understanding the intricacies of power distribution, Dexter’s rotor assemblies contribute to streamlined operations. Power feeders originating from the front electrical equipment bay ensure efficient power flow, minimizing energy losses and maximizing the reliability of the entire system. This dual powerhouse configuration underscores Dexter’s commitment to meeting the specific needs of diverse aircraft platforms. With two engines and a dedicated APU, each with its own starter generator, Dexter ensures redundancy and reliability even in the most demanding aviation scenarios.  

 Tailored Precision for Diverse Aircraft: 

Dexter Magnetic Technologies acknowledges the diverse needs within the aviation industry, recognizing that a one-size-fits-all approach is insufficient. From single-engine aircraft to wide-body jets, Dexter’s rotor assemblies can be tailored to match the specific demands of each application, ensuring precise compatibility and peak performance. Moreover, our backward compatibility ensures seamless integration with existing systems, while our supply chain considerations guarantee timely delivery and reliability, empowering aircraft manufacturers to achieve their goals efficiently and effectively. 

 From narrow to widebody aircraft, Dexter’s commitment to innovation and customization ensures that each aircraft takes to the skies with confidence in their magnetic technology, setting a new standard for excellence in the world of aviation. Contact us today to see how Dexter Magnetic Technologies can be your partner for your next project.