Designing the Future of Healthcare by Applying Magnetic Technology to Medical Devices

July 19, 2023

Medical device engineers often face significant challenges when designing and manufacturing devices that incorporate magnets. At Dexter Magnetic Technologies, we understand the unique pain points of working with magnets in medical devices. With over 65 years of experience, we offer customized magnetic solutions to meet your specific device requirements. 

Our team of experts provides comprehensive support to help engineer high-quality magnetic components and assemblies that are biocompatible, MRI-compatible, and free from stray magnetic fields. Whether you need full turnkey support or assistance with a specific stage of the product life cycle, we have the medical magnetic expertise to ensure your success.

Microfabrication of Components and Assembly

We provide comprehensive design and engineering services to bring your medical device to life. Our team of experts can help you with everything from concept development and prototyping to final design and testing.


Dexter provides biocompatibility expertise to ensure medical devices meet the highest safety standards. We work closely with clients to select nontoxic, biocompatible materials that minimize the risk of adverse reactions.

MRI Compatibility

Dexter specializes in developing medical magnets compatible with MRI systems. We understand the importance of designing and manufacturing medical devices that work seamlessly with these critical technologies without compromising performance or patient safety.

Magnetic Expertise

Dexter offers comprehensive magnetic expertise to ensure medical devices meet the highest safety and reliability standards. We design and manufacture precision magnetic components using non-corrosive, biocompatible materials we source, machine, and assemble properly to limit stray magnetic fields.

Compliance Navigation

At Dexter, we understand the importance of compliance regarding medical devices. We follow all the necessary compliance protocols and can navigate the regulatory landscape for your medical device, including but not limited to ISO 13485 compliance and FDA filing.

Scaling Up Production

Dexter offers a comprehensive suite of services to help clients scale up from prototype to serial production. We specialize in reducing time to market, avoiding common quality issues, and minimizing cycle times when designing or manufacturing products with magnets.

Elevate Your Medical Devices with Advanced Medical Magnets

Faster Time to Market

Our expertise and experience mean we can help you bring your product to market faster than your competitors.

Improved Product Quality

We work closely with you to ensure your product meets the highest standards of quality and reliability.

Cost Savings

Working with a single provider for design, engineering, and manufacturing can save time and money on your medical device project.

At the forefront of medical magnet technology, Dexter provides custom solutions for the design, engineering, and manufacturing of medical devices that use medical magnets. With Dexter, you can unleash the potential of medical magnets and take your medical devices to the next level.