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October 19, 2023

Electric Flying Taxis

Even though flying taxis may sound like something from science fiction, they will soon become everyday realities. This large-scale revolution will start in 2024, beginning at the summer games in Paris, with sky-high vehicles to transport passengers through the metropolis.

Volocity by Volocopter

Although e-VTOL vehicles will take flight in 2024, the industry is not predicted to reach $2 billion until the end of the decade. Aerospace Analysts predict the e-VTOL Commercial market to reach $1 trillion by 2040 and nearly $3 trillion for cargo and military services.

Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) systems and aerospace electrification with electric propulsion are poised to change the transportation industry as we know it. These systems will enable shorter travel times which will reduce traffic congestion in metropolitan areas. They will also lower noise levels and reduce emissions through more efficient and sustainable operations. As a result, businesses can capitalize on the new technology and create innovative solutions.

Companies such as Boeing and Airbus are already making significant investments in the research and development of these vehicles. Further indicating that the e-VTOL industry is set to be a major disruptor in the global aerospace industry. In addition to manufacturers like Embraer, Hyundai, and Volocopter, there are many new players ready to make their mark in this space:

  • United Airlines and Archer, a startup company, are working on a fast and convenient service to transport passengers from Chicago’s O’Hare airport to the city center in ten minutes or less.
  • Joby Aviation with Delta Airlines will start commercial flights in 2026. It will serve residents and tourists visiting Dubai.
  • Blade Aviation from Texas is preparing to implement transportation services in India.
  • Lilium, A German company aims at servicing longer “regional” routes. For now, it is looking for financing, as it plans to produce battery cells for its passenger drones.

Most of the rotor assemblies include a magnetic rotor sub-assembly containing between 2.5-3kg of magnetic components.

Lilium Jet by Lilium

Dexter Magnetic Technologies’ commitment to innovation and sustainable magnetic solutions can benefit AAM and e-VTOL applications. Our lightweight, durable, and reliable innovative magnetic solutions can enhance aircraft power consumption, weight, and performance.


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