Introducing Dexter BarrierMax Coatings for Medical Applications

January 22, 2020

Reliably and repeatably applying a conformal coating to magnets can be complicated.  Outsourcing of coating and plating operations to organizations without an inherent understanding of the base material’s intense reactivity to environmental conditions and pre-prep methodologies can lead to unexpected results.

Dexter’s six-decade commitment to the technology of permanent magnets and permanent magnet systems in combination with a strategic focus to servicing the medical markets, has resulted in the development of a highly reliable, conformal parylene coating process.   The coating must not only be conformal, but also pinhole free, FOD free, and display exceptional adhesion to the substrate material without compromise.  Dexter’s in-house BarrierMax Parylene coating solution addresses these requirements consistently by not only implementing diligent controls of process parameters during the vapor the deposition process, but also throughout all material handling a pre-prep stages of the process.   The coating is applied between 5-40um thick – depending on the design requirements and survivability needs – and can be applied to virtually limitless geometries and form factors.  If a biocompatible coating or encapsulation is required for your magnetically integrated device, Dexter can serve your needs.

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